The world's

most powerful

support chatbot

A tech support chatbot built for scale, with millions of answers and zero setup.

Knowledge from
internet forums

Our chatbot analyzes community discussion forums to find solutions.


most solutions

ever in a support chatbot.

Millions of solutions to millions of problems.


best solutions

ever in a support chatbot.

Every solution is verified by people with the same problem.

The only chatbot with

zero manual setup


Everything works immediately. Solutions continuously adapt and improve.

Other bots don’t work
at scale

All other bots require someone to write every question and answer.

They don’t have enough solutions.

A customer might face millions of possible problems. There’s no way to write answers to all of them.

They don’t have accurate solutions.

Every solution is written by people who haven’t experienced the problem. Failure rates are high.

They’re hard to set up and maintain.

Humans need to write answers to every problem and update them as new problems arise and new products are released.

Delight your customers

Eliminate wait times.

Give your customers instant answers: no more waiting to talk to an agent or for the agent to type.

Reduce troubleshooting.

Give solutions that are very likely to work, so less time is spent trying things that don’t end up working.

Deliver a better support experience